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Merseyside is a great place to live, work and find your kinks! It’s also a great place to explore the many hidden dogging spots that Merseyside has to offer. Dogging in Merseyside is no longer a taboo subject, in fact it is celebrated by many veteran doggers who love to invite new, curious singles and couples into their fold to show them exactly how it’s done and share their ideals on the perfect dogging spots, positions and partners! If you’re curious about dogging in your local area or want to find new doggers to hook up with, the Merseyside Dogging Site is the online dogging and dating site for you!

Dogging is a fun way to find new hook ups, it’s also a great way to explore your kinks and sexual passions and spice up your sex life. Whether you’re single or in a couple you could enjoy finding new people to have casual affairs with, public sex and sharing! Dogging is a rush and it should fill you with excitement. Sex should not be boring or mundane it should be celebrated and enjoyed and it should make you feel powerful and loved. With dogging online and in real life encounters, you can enjoy the fun of sharing, showing off and being seen. Dogging can emancipate your inner sexual god or goddess in a safe and secure way!

So, if you’re looking for a way to meet new people, spice up your sex life and explore the fun of dogging in your local area, this online dating site for you! Your dogging dating journey could be the most fun you’ve had in Merseyside in years - you could be hooking up with someone sexy that you didn't know lived a few streets away from you! You could be messaging singles on your phone and tablet on the go and then adding naughty pictures to your profile on your laptop at home over a glass of wine or two. Merseyside has lots to offer to naughty doggers and your phone could soon be buzzing with attention and action! You can completely tailor your search for your dogging dream to your own tastes and preferences: if you’re looking for a petite blonde who loves to be adventurous in the bedroom who also loves oral, give them a search! If you prefer timid brunettes with a want for domination in the bedroom (or backseat) then search for them! You can search for matches by things like their location, age, appearance and even their career and salary! There’s no end to your new dogging fun, so it’s time to rev up your engines and have some fun!

Dogging Locations in Merseyside

  1. Picnic area in Wallasey , Address: 86 Magazine Ln, Wallasey CH45 1LX. Head to the car park at the end of the lane for dogging fun!
  2. New Brighton Gunsite , Address: Green Ln, Wallasey. Find the country lane with the speed bumps and park ready to flash your lights
  3. Thurstaston Beach , Address: Thurstaston CH61 0HN. Great car park fun on weekend nights
  4. Heswall Railway Station Car Park , Address: 1 Pullman Cl, Birkenhead, Wirral CH60 1YW. A secluded space for full nudity
Dogging In Merseyside

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